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happy easter

I haven't really updated in a few so here i go..:

This morning I went to brunch w/my mom and we met up w/her best friend and her family. It was very nice! We dined at 3rd street pier and there was just soo much food i didn't know where to start! I just ended up having lots of fruit and eggs benedict. very yummy! And now here I am at my mom's all alone because she had to go to work. Brunch was interesting and kind of enlightened me. My mom's best friend's daughter was just talking the whole time about school and blah blah blah... She's a super nice girl, don't get me wrong but man.. she talked the WHOLE time... Ohh!! She said she could get me a job! which made me sooo happy! I'm thinking if the whole thing w/Marshall Fields doesn't work out then I can ask her for the job. It's at some restaurant called "the melting pot" out in brookfield. She told me that if i worked my ass off for a week i'd cash in almost $700! I'm SOO down for that. I'm soo broke and I still need to find an apt AND pay off my debt!

But anywhoo...

I FINALLY decided what i want to go to school for. I'm thinking I can stick out my Pharmacy Tech. program a little longer so I'll have a higher paying job while going to school and living on my own. I decided my major will be.... *drum roll* Merchandising!! I'm actually hoping that if i happen to get the job at Marshall Fields i'll have the opportunity to work up and gain some experience while going to school for it. I'm really excited and I'm so full of drive to succeed that it almost feels... wrong..? cuz'it's been so long since i've had this drive in me. All i really want out of life is to be truely happy and do what i enjoy doing. I could care less about how much i would make. money sucks anyways..
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