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*hi.. my name is jessica.. and i'm a shopaholic*

Chicago was absolutely amazing the other day! My friend chris made us leave later than i wanted to but it was still soo much fun! First we went to Custo Barcelona (the only store in the U.S., mind you!:) and it was sooo adorable! i found a little pink blazer that i wanted w/all this cool imbroidery but it ended up being $300.. i was soo sad.. but THEN! we went to H&M and i thought i died and went to heaven. It was 3 floors!! we spent at least 2 hours in that store and i only ended up buying 2 things!! i couldn't believe it.. i'll definatly post pictures later! yay! and then we got tired from walking and being on the subway so we went to his friend Dan's apartment and just chilled till the rush hour traffic would be over with. I definately plan on heading down there soon! i would give anything to move down there and go to school.
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