Jessica (clockwork_punk) wrote,

I have some clothes that i'm trying to get rid of and rather than just throwing them away i wanted to see if anyone would buy them from me! so here it goes..

the dickies shirt is a small youth Large and is $6 i only wore it twice

Puma fleece pullover Large $7

yum pop polo w/lil monkey youth Large $4

jersey i bought from goodwill snug large $4

hello kitty shirt i purchased in japan large $5

anime shirt youth large $4

cute black shirt med/lrg $4

goth-like black shirt w/a bunch of slits in the front very soft material med/lrg $4

baggy greed pants sz. 34 (women's sz 9/11) $7

any questions? what more pictures? measurements? interested? Please e-mail me @ thanks!!!
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